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Air Balm

 For inhalation of steam and/or rubbing on the chest or back area.

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For inhalation of steam and/or rubbing on the chest or back area.


1 pinch of Air Balm is added to hot water (80 degrees Celcius) and the steam is inhaled through nose or mouth. This is done carefully and slowly with deep breaths and closed eyes, because the steam can sting the eyes.
For this use a steam inhaler is suitable. It keeps the water warm, protects the eyes and optimises the effect of the essential oils. The hopper is adjustable, the opening has a soft and flexible rim and the two handles make it easy and safe to move the bowl.
Alternatively, a bowl can be used together with a towel which is spread over the head to withhold the warmth and the steam.

Air Balm is massaged gently onto the chest area just below the collarbone and on the back between the shoulder blades. The essential oils, camphor and menthol are released by the heat of the body and take effect through the air you breath as well as the reactions through the skin. This is recommendable at night for a better sleep.

Loosens and releases thickness. Warms and soothes. Provides free air. Calms and eases the coughing up of phlegm.

Product description:
Soft ointment with a distinct smell of the essential oiles, camphor and menthol.

Vaseline, camphor, menthol and 4 essential oiles from plants, which are loosening, calming and antiseptic.

Be careful with:
Small children
Elderly and infirm persons
Persons with lung diseases



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Bedste anbefaling

Airbalsam hjælper mig når jeg har tilstoppet næse og den dufter rigtig godt. Min anbefaling.

Stoppet og snottet næse

I en længere periode har jeg haft problemer med stoppet og snottet næse. Da jeg begyndte at bruge Airbalsam forsvandt generne. Jeg har også gnedet lidt af det under næsen, og efter noget tid kunne jeg mærke, hvordan det lindrede. Jeg har også anvendt det til dampinhalation, hvor jeg mærkede en løsende og blodgennemstrømmende effekt, som har været meget behjælpelig for mig i forhold til tilstopning, forkølelse, og hoste.

Air Balsam

Jeg har haft stor succes med Air Balsam mod stoppet næse og let hoste. Jeg smurte Air Balsam på brystkassen før jeg gik i seng og kunne sove uforstyrret. Et super godt supplement sammen med Otrivin. Mine varmeste anbefalinger

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Air Balm

 For inhalation of steam and/or rubbing on the chest or back area.

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