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Tea Package No. 2

Buy the Tea package No. 2 and get a free Spice Tea!


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Danish Bright Moment
The Tea package No. 2 contain:

Cosy Evening Blend, 65g

A delightful herbal tea with a refreshing fruity taste. The herbs in this tea blend makes it ideal as a night time beverage - are you looking for a refreshment and still want a good nights sleep, "Fyraftensblanding" is the ideal choice.
Great as ice tea during summer. Prepare a strong tea, add a little sugar and lemon and cool in refrigerator.
Taste: Fruity of hibiscus and rose hip.

Danish Bright Moment, 130 g

A genuine taste treat of 6 well-known and tasteful herbs. Do you need a pick-me-up, a substitute for coffee, or do you just want to be good to yourself - have a cup of "Dansk Lyspunkt". A universal tea which is good for your health.
Taste: anise, fennel and peppermint.

Green tea, 120 g

This type of green tea from Japan is of the highest quality as regards the content of polyphenols.
Growing environment, harvest time and preparation method are decisive for the content and preservation of the polyphenols, e.g. the catechins including EGCG = Epi-Gallo-Catechin-Gallat, which is most powerful antioxidant. 
Sen-(cha = tea) indicates the gentle preparation of the leaves, taking place by means of steaming and roller drying, whereby the valuable contents and antioxidants are preserved in the best possible way.
Temperature and infusion time for a cup of tea influences the taste and preservation of the catechins.

Tea Thermometer

A little, handy and decorative tea thermometer designed in wood.
For a tea drinker who wants the best prepared cup of tea, a thermometer is indispensable.

The temperature of the tea water is important since it determines which substances are released and how fast, and this also influences the taste. Some substances are destructed if the temperature is too high, while other substances should have boiling water. This means that the optimal water temperature depends on the type of tea.
Please note! The tea water should boil first and then cool off until the desired temperature is obtained.

+ Spice Tea, 65 g

A really well-spiced herbal tea which also can be used as Christmas punch extract. Do you want a beverage that can stand alone, "Krydderte" with its rich taste and aroma, is a surprisingly good choice.
Taste: Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom.


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Tea Package No. 2

Buy the Tea package No. 2 and get a free Spice Tea!


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