Nr. 126 Digestive disorder
  • Nr. 126 Digestive disorder

Nr. 126 Digestive disorder

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Place next to your bed and change every 3-4 weeks.

ALKYMEA's aroma bags with herbs are mild form of aroma therapy. It can be compared with homoeopathy, where small amounts have a great effect. It is a well-known fact that people are influenced by scents. Lavender has, for instance, always been used for a good night's sleep. Potpourri blends of herbs and flowers are undoubtedly based on the ancient knowledge of the invisible power of plants.

Product description:
ALKYMEA's assortment of aroma bags consists of 18 different blends. Each blend consists of plants which have been used in herbal medicine throughout the ages. The name of each blend refers to the herbs well-known healing effect.

The herbal blends are packaged in light cotton bags with 30-50 gr. in each. Each bag is closed with a cotton string and stamped with an ALKYMEA logo.


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Da min datter var 1½ pr havde hun i længere tid haft problemer med træg mave. Jeg turde ikke give hende Movicol, som er til ældre børn. I stedet brugte jeg Alkymea duftpose 126 og i løbet af få dage fik min pige regelmæssig afføring hver dag.

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Nr. 126 Digestive disorder

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